Bakker Machinebouw has designed and produced various crushers for crushing various types of materials.

Voedselindustrie    Recycling industrie   

Bakker Machinebouw has designed and produced various crushers for crushing various types of materials. The type of material, desired particle size but also the required capacity are important factors in determining the correct version.
Our specialists will be happy to advise you on this and can provide you with a layout drawing if desired. For example, we build crushers with a smooth stainless steel housing and four driven shafts that are equipped with rupture discs. Our crushers are very efficient, maintenance-friendly and easy to clean. The breakers are equipped with an insert grille and are mounted on vibration dampers. The rupture discs can easily be replaced when worn.

Applicable industries

Breakers are used in various industries. We develop these machines mainly for the food industry, but also for the (recycling) industry.

Breker voor de recycling industrie



Timely maintenance contributes to the productivity and safety of your machines and employees. If you regularly have the machines checked and inspected, we can guarantee you safety. This is also an obligation under occupational health and safety legislation. We check your machines according to set guidelines and record our findings in a report.


If it appears that your machines need improvement or modernization, we can take care of this for you. We investigate the possibilities, adjust your machines and carry out any repairs. Bakker Machinebouw adapts used machines with advanced resources and the latest techniques.

We provide service on our BREAKERS

Our maintenance service from Voorthuizen always provides competent, fast and good service after installing the machine at your location! We at Bakker Machinebouw have all the technical know-how to maintain, overhaul and improve your crusher professionally and accurately. We do this both on location and in our own workshop in Voorthuizen.


Crushers that we produce always meet the safety requirements and are provided with a CE quality mark.


If you would like to view the technical specifications of our breakers, please complete the form below and we will send it to you by email.

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