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Bakker Machinebouw has many years of experience in building simple pallet tippers to customized versions. Widely used in cold stores, where the pallet turner has a double tilt function. The heavy duty version is suitable for tilting pallets up to a weight of up to 1800 kg. When the pallet or stack of pallets is placed in the tilter, the machine tilts to a horizontal position and then tilts 45 degrees over the long side. The pressure plate ensures that this process is stable and safe. When this pressure plate is shifted, space is created for the operator to remove the pallets and spacers in a quick and user-friendly manner.

These are some benefits:

  • Time saving
  • Ergonomically more responsible
  • Safer

Several of our customers have already purchased several after their first tipper. A well-known and large cold store already has 5 pallet tippers in use. The benefits mentioned are the most important reason for them, in addition to the good service that Bakker Machinebouw provides. “The pallet turners from Bakker Machinebouw are not cheap, but they are very good and they ultimately saves us money”

From idea to design and from realization to revitalization

Bakker has the entire process in-house. The idea that arises, often together with the customer, is further shaped in the engineering department. From concept drawing to 3D designs, working drawings and then also production itself. We can carry out many activities ourselves in Voorthuizen. We also use companies that specialize in certain activities, like post-treatments such as blasting and coating.
Within the Van Mourik Group we also have knowledge and expertise regarding the automation of machines and installations. These short lines prevent “noise on the line” and implementation is not delayed.
After production and customer approval, we can take care of transport, installation or assembly and commissioning.
At Bakker we have our own technicians for service and maintenance. Even in the event of a malfunction, we work with our customers to find a quick solution.
Because sustainability is important and we like good, solid work, our solutions have a long lifespan. In practice, this means that we can often give machines a “second life” by overhauling them.

Applicable industries

Our pallet turners are used in various industries. We develop these machines mainly for logistics in cold-storage warehouses.

Safety is of paramount importance

Timely maintenance contributes to the productivity and safety of your machines and employees. If you regularly have the machines checked and inspected, we can guarantee you safety. This is also an obligation under occupational health and safety legislation. We check your machines according to set guidelines and record our findings in a report.

Modernization and optimization

If it appears that your machines need improvement or modernization, we can take care of this for you. We investigate the possibilities, adjust your machines and carry out any repairs. Bakker Machinebouw adapts used machines with advanced resources and the latest techniques.

Naturally, we provide service on our pallet turners

Our maintenance service from Voorthuizen always provides competent, fast and good service after installing the machine at your location! We at Bakker Machinebouw have all the technical know-how to maintain, overhaul and improve your pallet tilter professionally and accurately.  We do this both on location and in our own workshop in Voorthuizen.

Safety always comes first

Pallet tilters that we produce always meet the applicable safety requirements and are provided with a CE quality mark.

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